"An honest, clean, and simple pricing structure."
Tom Krzesinski Jr (Founder)

At TK Tech Services, we advocate for straightforward pricing to ensure our clients receive top-notch service without unexpected fees or concealed expenses. Below are the three pricing models we offer.


$125-$150 per user or workstation per month depending on the clients individual use case and needs. This cost can fluctuate monthly with the clients employment demands.

Standard Services Include:
24/7/365 Support
Server/Workstation Monitoring
ISP Monitoring
Backup/Disaster Recovery
Updates/Patch Management
Email Management
Web Design/Management
Cloud Hosting
VoIP Phone Hosting/Management

Fixed Quote

Starting at $3,000 a fixed quote can be provided for one time projects. Projects less than 3-4 days of work will be billed at our standard Break/Fix hourly rate.

Fixed Quote Projects: Include:
Workstation Repair
Server Upgrade/Replacement
Network Upgrades
New WiFi Diployments
Office Moves/Openings
Upgrading/Adding Access Controls
Upgrading/Adding Cameras
VoIP Phone System Upgrade
Web Design


$150 per hour flat rate service charge. One hour minimum for remote work. Two hour minimum for onsite work with *Portal-to-Portal billing.

Standard Services Include:
Printer Installation
Network Configuration
Workstation Upgrade/Rplacement
Software Install/Configuration
Camera Install/Replacement
Cubical Relocation
New Eployee Onboarding
VoIP User Onboarding
New Email Onboarding

*Portal-to-Portal billing: The time spent by a worker in traveling between the entrance to an employer's property and the worker's actual job site.